We can provide a complete logistics service, including combined transport in shipping containers. We are very flexible in terms of logistics and have extended the scope of our services especially for small suppliers. If you wish, we can deliver our containers to your site so you can gradually fill them. We will arrange the collection date by phone when you are ready to transport the material. We lend and collect other types of transport bins, boxes, and large-capacity bags in the same way. We can supply the containers you need. We believe that top-quality, fast, and cost-effective transport is positively reflected in the prices we are able to offer for your materials. As the quantities of recyclable waste from local customers as well as from customers from all over Europe are continually increasing, our company has worked to make logistics more efficient for our customers. We have prepared a sophisticated schedule for collecting waste from our customers, using not just our vehicles but vehicles from our cooperating logistics centres as well. Thanks to this properly planned strategy and cooperation with the logistics centres, we are able to arrange transport of waste across Europe within 24 hours of the customer placing an order for transport. After you specify your type of waste, we can offer the right means of transport for loading and transportation. We can customize the logistics solution for you to meet any requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us.